IQOS HEETS Yellow Label

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Price is per one carton
Minimal order: 3 cartons
1 carton = 200 Sticks

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HEETS YELLOW label – IQOS top choice sticks

If you thought IQOS could possibly have a more popular product – think again. This is an absolute sales leader and the brightest IQOS product in all of its senses.

Light herbal notes combined with subtle citrus is what consumers become so addicted to. Have you tried it yet? Then what are you waiting for.

The average 6 minutes with this product will seem like the most productive but also the most pleasant time-spending out of everything you’ve done lately.

Enjoy the freshness and the tasty vibe of the sticks and we guarantee you this will only be the beginning of your acquaintance with HEETS YELLOW LABEL.

Researches have also shown the yellow color is the most appealing and according to the statistics the YELLOW Label sticks are the first and most likely to be purchased product off the shelf.

If we are to introduce some statistics here then you will definitely know the YELLOW LABEL is on the top of the list of most wanted IQOS products at the moment.

Do not waste the opportunity to get the HEETS YELLOW LABEL. We will be happy to assist you to buy them quicker.

12 reviews for IQOS HEETS Yellow Label

  1. denver

    shout out to everyone reading. I am really impressed with this website, it delivers original products very fast. will return for sure. hope the price won’t change.

  2. Iran

    Although I usually buy Green this time I decided to go for Yellow and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Very good.

  3. Line

    my all-time favorites. enjoying very minute of smoking. IQOS really know how to do it right.

  4. hilary

    IQOS Yellow Label are my recommendation sticks. The taste is immaculate. Cannot imagine switching to anything else. I am totally satisfied with it.

  5. Helen

    my happily ever after is writing this review. being over the moon glad that I have found this website full of beautifully presented items of high quality. recommend it to everyone who is in doubt. Do not be. This will be exactly what you need,

  6. Natalie

    YL is my guilty pleasure. so many times I have tried to escape ordering the same old sticks but something brings me back here each time over and over again. by something of course I mean quality and taste that cannot be forgotten. recommended.

  7. Ashley

    like how the website has topped all of my expectations. didn’t know what I was getting myself into until I have received this carton full of goodies. thankful to for such a prompt and efficient service.

  8. Estelle

    hello guys. I am Estelle and I would like to take a minute to mention how fabulous and extremely fantastic my decision was when I had realized that Yellow Label is exactly what I need and want to order for the rest of my life. Can not believe I have finally found the item I can not and do not want to get rid of. Recommended.

  9. Valerie

    I find this website extremely useful. Shopping here is pure pleasure and a great economy for my budget. The sticks are 100% authentic. I can guarantee you this. Try and see for yourself.

  10. Joseph

    Once IQOS HEETS Yellow Label arrived, I was over the moon. Distinct tobacco – spicy combo is what I like. The more I smoke, the more I enjoy. Recommend to every smoker.

  11. Andrew

    The heatsticks were shipped in due course. Everything was well packaged. Loved the pure and refined tobacco-spicy blend. It was worth placing the order! I referred many friends to this site, so soon you may get more orders.

  12. Jacob

    Presently, the special mix of IQOS HEETS Yellow Label turned out to be the most preferred for me. The well balanced taste is the core of this variety. Recommend this product.

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