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HEETS AMBER – Enjoy the fierce!

HEETS AMBER or Orange HEETS are the most known to be the most “original tobacco” tasting sticks. They give the smoker the feeling of enjoying the pure tobacco.

If you find yourself in the transaction stage when you have just quit smoking conventional cigarettes and you are about to open for yourself the world of IQOS, HEETS AMBER will be the perfect option for you.

We have to admit, 90% of HEETS AMBER sticks fans are men. This happens due to the strong taste and very specific aroma. It seems like HEETS AMBER don’t have any additional features. Just tobacco of the highest blend.

Due to “heaviness” of these IQOS sticks they happen to be of very high demand on the market. Usually these are the first choice sticks and multiple recommendations of friends and acquaintances.

Trendy and modern they have taken over the planet and everyone seems to have have found IQOS they like.

Do not hesitate to try the classic IQOS taste known as HEETS AMBER.

21 reviews for IQOS HEETS Amber Label

  1. Lila

    recommend this product for the superb quality it has. getting strong vibes from every stick. feels natural to want to order again. trust it now.

  2. Dustin

    Original and definitely qualitative. I stay loyal to this website after years of successful purchases. Recommended.

  3. Melly

    5 stars from me to you. Thanks for delivering the fresh authentic products. I an tell the difference. Cheers and get in touch later.

  4. Keira

    Very satisfied with the product – have ordered AMBER label for myself to try something different this time. The taste is specific I must admit. Will be getting used to it slowly.

  5. Brianna

    I had such a wonderful time smoking these Amber sticks that now they are being associated with fun and pleasure. Exactly how it should be all the time.

  6. Norah

    Even though I have tried almost everything and it is difficult to impress me, IQOS have done it. This is a superb category of sticks. Smooth taste and pleasant aftertaste. Like them.

  7. Kayley

    the taste of paradise for me. because of the quality of tobacco, because of the mildest and finest blend. amazing value and cannot stop praising IQOS.

  8. Linda

    I enjoy ordering these Amber sticks. The superior quality cigarettes left me speechless and definitely have captured my attention. This time I am ordering 3 cartons more.

  9. Macy

    Hello here everyone. I would like to tell you that you can trust this website fully. It is great. The products are authentic and the quality of the sticks is unbelievable. See for yourself.

  10. Bob

    totally amazing. like this website because of the authentic qualitative items. rely on the delivery to be fast. never lets me down.

  11. Nelly

    Hello friends! Thank you for your wonderful assistance. Due to your feedback on this website I have managed to make the right choice. Very fast delivery and extremely pleasant Customer service team who have been helpful and supportive of my silly questions and requests. Thanks once again. A worthy product.

  12. Vicky

    Hello friends. I would like to praise this website a little bit. Very good products – everything is very well–wrapped and authentic. The taste is 100% original. Like it a lot.

  13. Tom 65

    Better than any other IQOS sticks I have tried. Buying more of these this time to make sure I have got what I need in store. Fantastic price. Thanks again.

  14. hilary t.

    It is my friend’s recommendation and I know he rarely fails. So I went for it. I hope the cartons arrive fast ‘cause I am craving for some quality sticks. Cheers guys.

  15. Keira

    My review is dedicated to those customers who have not tasted Ambel label from this line. I would like to praise the quality and the aroma of the sticks. Will suits most smokers with the exquisite taste. Great deal.

  16. Miranda

    What can possibly be better? The best IQOS Heets ever existing. True sticks masterpiece. Go for it. The price is very attractive and the delivery won’ t keep you waiting long.

  17. Tray

    Very attractive price. Have read the we policy, always am a bit afraid to order from a new store but it seems okay. I know the product for many years, it’s great.

  18. Tamara

    Most likely to become the deal-breaker for me, Perfect for my friends and I found it available in my country but too expensive to enjoy regularly. Lucky me, here I am on this website getting cartons for a discounted price. Sometimes a long search on the net pays off.

  19. William

    I am a newbie to IQOS and decided to start my experience with IQOS HEETS Amber Label. Love the combination of tobacco and nuts cause it provides new sensations. Totally recommend other smokers to try it out.

  20. Trevor

    The ordered IQOS HEETS Amber Label arrived in a timely manner. After trying it out I came to conclusion that HEETS Amber Label sticks taste has no pronounced aromatic additives and this is the reason the flavor is so discreet. I do advise my friends to select this variety out of many others.

  21. Cameron

    Some time ago I started smoking IQOS, for which you need to buy heatsticks. I discovered the following advantages of using IQOS HEETS Amber Label sticks: availability, convenient size, one stick is enough for me, and reasonable price. Everyone can join my experience and buy these sticks.

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