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HEETS SILVER – The Lightest stick you can find

We all crave a smooth taste that will help us to get relaxation and comfort. When it comes to sticks it is difficult to forget you’re on tobacco. Not with new HEETS SILVER.

You simply will not believe how “light” these sticks are. You will take the maximum pleasure from smoking.

HEETS SILVER are a special kind of good. Most smokers like these sticks because they are very qualitative, though not too strong.

Leaves you with a feeling of a fresh breeze that has touched your body. IQOS is a revolutionary invention in the world of tobacco.

Smokers tend to think that if the other IQOS sticks are healthier than conventional cigarettes then HEETS SILVER are 5 times safer than other HEATSTICKS. Probably just a thought, but anyway …

HEETS SILVER label is the perfect solution when one quits smoking. You get the same old feeling but the brand will mesmerize you totally.

$ puff will already tell you how much you like your HEETS SILVER, are you ready?

17 reviews for IQOS HEETS Silver

  1. Mary

    Many thanks to this market for qualitative goods and significant discounts. Have managed to save some money that I will use to place an order again. Cheers.

  2. Harry

    4 stars for the delay. I was expecting to receive my parcel earlier than I did. No complaints but it has ruined my plans a bit. I love ordering from here because I know the products are original – I have compared them to the ones bought in the official store but the price is much better here.

  3. nonsy

    I am thankful for the opportunity to order stuff for a very convenient price. I am glad I managed to order a few cartons before it dissapeears.

  4. Oliver

    Luxurious lifestyle and IQOS seem like synonyms to me. Yet I have only one preference – that is HEETS Silver. I choose them over other types because of the smooth delicate taste, very pleasant and totally not aggressive aroma and superb aftertaste that sticks in the memory. Good delivery terms keep bringing me back for more shopping.

  5. viorica

    hello readers. want to take a couple of minutes of your time to tell you that IQOS is the best thing that has happened to me since I started to use sticks. there is nothing like them. Quality of the brand is guaranteed by many customers all over the world.

  6. George Trish

    hello and welcome to the place where authentic IQOS is being sold as a bargain. thanks for this opportunity and I hope many more people get to find out about

  7. Richard

    Hello guys. This website is one good reason why I am fond of online shopping. IQOS is the guarantee of the highest quality.

  8. Margo

    hello dear smokers. I would like to leave my feedback related to this product. it makes me wanna fly from happiness. I was so tired of getting disappointed with multiple online services. This time I am sure I hit the right button while “order now”,

  9. Heather

    hi guys. wanted to eave a note here saying I am thrilled the product is exactly as described. happy to be your customer.

  10. Jorge

    Have decided to try HEETS SILVER being a recommendation from my friend. Have to admit it s good, better than Yellow that I was used to (imho)
    Hope many customers feel the same way about IQOS too.

  11. Veronica

    Fair to mention that I was at first slightly doubtful about the sticks on this website as I had no prior experience in online shopping but now I cannot seem to understand why I have wasted so much time not trying it. Amazing service. Authentic products.

  12. Hilary

    The best IQOS for the most extravagant taste, I have ordered mainly Silver because of the smoothness and lightness of the product. Will be telling my friends about the price, indeed as I find it very attractive.

  13. Prince

    Hello everyone! I would like to tell you that I am very excited to be able to order from here when the price is so attractive and the product is so good. I enjoy the undertones and can tell a good product from another – as a very experience smoker I can tell that the quality of the product is on an extremely high level. Thanks.

  14. Joe

    Cam across his brand not so long ago. Wanted to quit smoking for a long time and so I finally did. Now am addicted to a new kind of amazing – IQOS. Fast delivery. Silver is my choice today.

  15. Fiona

    I am totally stuck on this website. Keep coming back to order more because the delivery is fast and the prices are cheap. 100% authentic taste, I can tell.

  16. Kiel

    A month ago I came across IQOS HEETS Silver. This is a fabulous representative of tobacco taste and it has interesting combo of undertones. The postage was quick, no reasons to complain. Very pleased with the store.

  17. Tiller

    Only ordered twice from this store but will always come back. My last order dispatch was prompt. And now I enjoy smoking so much. Thank you for the service.

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