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HEETS BRONZE – The most favourite HEETS

How would you like a combo of chocolate with dried fruits and cocoa on top of that? If you’re a smoker, you’d find it fantastic.

HEETS BRONZE is exactly what you need if you’re a sophisticated person with a good taste. These sticks won’t leave anyone indifferent.

If you ask us why their popularity is so high, we would say it’s because many smokers are willing to appreciate a fancy rich chocolate taste.

The HEETS BRONZE have the most positive feedback from our customers. Their votes are usually based on the 3 major criteria – quality, taste and price.

HEETS BRONZE falls into the category of tobacco goods with an impeccable reputation.

You will not be able to resists your HEETS AMBER stick once you try it. We guarantee you’ll love it.

15 reviews for IQOS HEETS Bronze Label

  1. Sarah

    Simply the best brand I have ever tried. Many thinks to my friends for their recommendations and directions. This website is to be trusted. Authentic products for sure.

  2. Frank

    Find them quite smooth, my bad ordering them knowing they taste cocoa. Would rather go for more masculine version of IQOS sticks.

  3. Gloria

    Amazing. No other words to describe neither this brand nor the sticks. The website gave me many good reasons to be happy. Great prices and fast delivery guaranteed.

  4. Howie

    Less strong than Amber but definitely seem stronger than Yellow to me. The packs were damaged from one angle, didn’t like this much. It did not affect the taste but affected my mood Hope this never happens again.

  5. Denzel

    To me this is the safest and the most pleasant way to smoke. These sticks are gorgeous from the way they look (design of the pack) to the way they taste and stay in your memory. I swear it is one of the best things I have ever tried and believe me I’ve tried plenty in my 20 years of smoking experience. Anyway, much appreciation and kind regards from me to your staff.

  6. Oliver

    Find them powerful. Give an unbelievable aftertaste which resembles cocoa filling in a chocolate bar. I read about ripe fruits too but to me this is mostly cocoa taste which is why I love Bronze so much. My gf finds them strong and goes for Purple instead.

  7. Michael

    Used to order mainly HEETS YELLOW but after trying BRONZE do not think I am going back, lol. Delicate and aromatic but still not too feminine and these stick definitely have a certain kick to them. Recommend this store.

  8. Val

    I taste many delicious fruits but I guess this is how it is. Without any over-appreciation this store is fantastic. I rarely write any reviews but I just wanted to speak up as this may be useful to someone. Delivered in less than a week, wrapped well plus the discount was successfully applied on this website (took advantage of the sale deal). Satisfaction guaranteed.

  9. Stephanie

    Glad I once decided to try these. Was smoking for decades without any clue that flavored sticks could bring me much more excitement and relaxation. A mind-blowing discovery for me. Also want to mention that this online platform is rather good. The prices are average and the delivery costs as much as my gas would cost me to get to the local store to get them. Everything works out alright for me here.

  10. Troy

    Disappointed as the parcel arrived too late. Was waiting, and waiting … Wrote a complaint, got a reply and the situation seemed to get better but I still have mixed feelings about it. Will see about ordering again in the future. Did not like the delay bit.

  11. Amber

    Sensational. If you are not familiar with the quality IQOS is famous for then go for it. I promise this is the day you will never go back to smoking cigarettes anymore. Pure pleasure and a very affordable price.

  12. Stella

    The deepest and richest taste you could ever imagine. Absolutely gorgeous. No regrets ever buying it.

  13. Robyn

    The stick that will not give you any sort of discomfort. No burning, no ashes or unpleasant smell. Used to choose Amber but after trying Bronze they are my ultimate favorite now. I taste a bunch of dry fruits and a bit of chocolate. Yum.

  14. Simona

    Brought so many colors into my life. When I had switched to Heets my previous cigarettes experience literally vanished. My fave is this Bronze type, because the aftertaste I get with it is out of this world. Recommend it.

  15. Daniel

    Love what this website has to offer. Trust it to be authentic and the brand that is presented on this website IQOS is number 1 in the world right now. Everyone likes it, everyone wants it, everyone has it. It is great when you can get yourself a little discount to go with it. Happy shopping everyone.

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