1. Ordering from US

How can I place an order on your website?

All our products are displayed on the main page. Nothing is easier than ordering from our online store. Everything is clear and precise. Various brands are available and your order is just one click away. You will end up where you needed to get when you have entered.

The Home page will give you a clue of what we are about. We will try to leave you satisfied and imporess you with the quality of our service.

There is nothing easier than getting products from us. When you see something you like simply click “ Buy now” button and take advantage of our special offer. We need to let you know what al the products you can find on our website are authentic and affordable. We always make sure you want to come back to order from us again and again.

Your shopping cart will never be empty with us as we know how to offer you the products you won’t be able to resist.

If you want to get the sticks of a particular type by a certain brand you can click “Choose Brand” and find exactly what you came for.

“Confirm your order” when you’re done.

But you have millions of reasons to add more products to your shopping cart when you decide to. Before the checkout you can introduce as many changes as you want to.

When you have decided “this is it” please proceed to click “Go to secured checkout”. Our website is created so that you have no doubt everything is transparent and secured. When you hit “Pay now” button just understand you have submitted your order.

It will take a couple of hours for us to send you a confirmation back. If you have not heard from us at all please contact our Customer Support team for more details.

Please note! We will never reveal any of your personal details as your privacy is important to us. We want you to return and buy more sticks from us.

Сan I pay with the CREDIT or DEBIT card?

Yes, you can pay via CREDIT or DEBIT card whenever you decide to make a payment. All the payments will be processed online in the shortest time possible. Usually it will not take more than 2 days for the operation to be processed. All the information regarding your order will be sent to your email address.

The details we collect are for our internal use only. Don’t be afraid to reveal your personal information – we will use it to send you the parcel quicker.

If you have any further questions please contact us back via [email protected]

Can I order the desired item by telephone or fax?

You cannot. At this moment of time you can only do it online.

Is there a limit to how much I can order?

There is no limit to how much you can order from us. We won’t stop you if you decide to try all of the products we sell. But you have to check the quantity of the goods allowed for the import in your country. We will not be held resonsible for this therefore it is totally on you to know the laws in force in the country you originate from.

Please note that if you are a new customer we will ask you to order not more than 12 cartons in one go.

How do I find out if my order’s been processed successfully?

Please remember that if your order’s been successful we will confirm it via your email address. You will always know your status with us. Normally we will leave you 24 hours for updates and additional items. After 24 hours have passed you can no longer make any changes. But feel free to drop us an email in case something urgent has occurred. Always enclose your order number so we find everything we need to know faster and easier.

When can I expect the money to be withdrawn from my account?

Usually the money is withdrawn within 2 working days. If you still don’t see charges please contact our Customer Support team for more information and a short investigation.

2. Delivery

The Delivery Terms and Conditions

It may take from 10 to 30 days to receive your parcel from us. The average delivery time is 2-3 weeks.

When will my order be sent to me if placed over the weekend?

Normally it takes 24 hours for any order to be processed in our system. Orders placed on Saturday and Sunday usually are ready to be sent on Monday or the first working day of the week. (exactly the same for public holidays)

Of course there can be exceptions but we try to not let our customers down. Normally it takes one day (24 hours) for all orders ( it doesn’t really matter how many items they consist of) to be processed in our system. The weekend orders will be sent on Monday (excluding Bank Holidays and Public Holidays).

Will I only receive one parcel for all of my products?

No, if the order is large enough we will send it in 2 or 3 parcels, depending on the amount of items. Separate parcels is still okay. They will be shipped on the same day but normally they do not arrived to the destination point together. The maximum time difference between them can be up to 5 days in Europe and up to 10 days anywhere else in the world.

Can I ask for my order to be sent together?

You can but it will not change anything. We make sure that all the parcels fall into set international parameters. It is importat for us that no duties for the unacceptable size of parcel are applied.

3. Legality

Can I resell the sticks ordered from your website?

It is not legal on our website nor in any country of the world.

I would like to order many cartons. Can I do it here?

You can order as many as you want but keep in mind the law restrictions applicable for imported goods in your country.

If you order more than your country allows there may be sanctions applied and we don’t want to be responsible for them. Therefore we advice you to check all the necessary information before you finalize the order with us.

You can always contact your local authorities and customs to find out more.

4. Customs and Duties

Will I not have to pay additional taxes and duties?

We cannot promise you this. There can be taxes and duties applied by law. Please find out before you order from us.

5. Guarantee

Will I get a replacement in case my item gets los, damaged or stolen on the way to me?

www.smokeus.org you a 100% money back guarantee if your order didn’t find you for any reasons that are not your fault.

Can I cancel the order placed online?

You can cancel your order within 24 hours from its placement.

6. Non-disclosure of personal data

Will you offer my personal information to any companies for advertising purposes?

We will not do that under any circumstances. Your personal information will not reach any third party. The information you provide on our website is strictly confidential and is only used for shipping. We will not let anyone take advantage of the information collected by us for our internal purposes.

Does your website have a database with the customer’s credit card or bank account details?

No, we don’t. We will make sure you trust us and want to have your trust for as long as we can. You only introduce your card number when you need to pay. We need to make sure the payment reaches the detination.

7. Return & Refund Policy

How can I return the product I am not happy with?

If it ever happens so that you want to send us back the item you have purchased, we will not hold you back and refund you so can place another order and stay satisfied with the purchased items. But please note that it can take some time for us to refund you. Sometimes even up to 40 days. When we have received our products back, you will get your money from us too. You need to understand that we will issue a refund coving the cost of sticks (only) or upon the occasion and in rare cases a full refund (usually individual cases). You will surely get an email notification from our Customer Support, informing you about the refund. If you have not heard from us please feel free to contact us back. We need to know of such things.

Do you have a Refund Policy?

Yes, you can find out the details abou our Return & Refund Policy.

We always make sure we are rensponsible with our customers and fulfill all the obligations that assume a full level of liability for purchases made on our website.

There is :

  • full refund – our Refund Policy can be fully applied when the order isn’t shipped due to some technical problems or is lost/stolen while in the process of delivery;
  • partial refund – covering the cost of goods when parcel is returned to sender not by company’s fault – this may happen when the shipping address was introduced wrong, the package is being sent back unlaimed by the receiver and so on. (usually individual cases)
  • partial refund – covering half of the cost of the products when a customer is unsatisfied with the quality of the received items.

Refund requests should be satisfied within 2 working days after customers raise such claims. Don’t forget to let us know why exactly you want to return the item.

8. Problems with receiving electronic mails

Why do I not see any emails from your Support Team?

It can happen that the email address is blocked. It can also be that the email from Customer Support is tagged as Junk mail and can be directed to the Spam folder. It can also be that you don’t have any space in your email-box. Please check the respective folders first, then contact your provider if the problem doesn’t disappear.

You can always contact our Customer Support team for these issues.

9. Contact us

Please do not hestitate to send us your questions and suggestions. We love hearing from you. Help us to imporve our services by dropping us a letter from time to time. We need to know how good we are doing.

Use [email protected] to address your problems and concerns.

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