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Minimal order: 3 cartons
1 carton = 200 Sticks

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Tobacco with a delicious mix of menthol and berries – what can possibly taste better?

Did you ever think that you could possibly smoke a mix of berries with strong menthol? We bet you didn’t. IQOS HEETS PURPLE WAVE would like to present to you the most unexpected flavour you could possibly ask for.

A well-balanced combination of quality and unforgettable aroma.

These HeatSticks will become your top choice leaving you with some wonderful memories.

Being not too strong on tobacco. HEETS PURPLE WAVE are the most fragrant sticks out of the whole range.

Besides the memorable taste you get a very smooth cooling effect. You will surely appreciate it when you try it.

IQOS heating system made it easy for one to choose the product they want using the most modern way of getting the pleasure from tobacco.

You won’t believe how many people have found the pleasure in IQOS sticks. From being the new and unknown product on the market, HEATSTICKS have become the most searched for and requested item in the tobacco industry.

Don’t hesitate to get your PURPLE stick today!

18 reviews for IQOS HEETS Purple Label

  1. Ben

    Many greetings from Louisiana and thanks for such an easy-to-use website with authentic products from IQOS. Lovin’ it.

  2. Noah

    Can I only say that this is fantastic. The prices are better than my expectations are. I cannot believe still there can be found place where original products cost this little. This is my luck. I will recommend this website to other people knowing I did the right thing.

  3. Robert

    was told mostly women prefer Purple HEETS but I do not agree. have been choosing these over everything else being a 42 yo man for 3 years now. Cool indeed.

  4. Veronica Giley

    Hello dear all. I would like to pay your attention to this brand. I think it could be one of the best in the history of stick manufacturing. The quality is like nothing known before. A different level of good. Hope you have a wonderful day.

  5. Trisha

    hi everyone. thank you for delivery that has arrived faster than the day could change. literally a magnificent service with the potential to expand the customer list to the maximum.

  6. vapecigarette


    I would say I have tried all of them and Purple are my most fave out of the whole range. – maybe because of the sophisticated and very delicate notes in it. Could not figure out what it was at first, but then it became the best thing about the sticks.


  7. Troy

    fantastic sticks and a marvelous website with lots of benefits for smokers. enjoying. thanks.

  8. Ilsey

    it has been almost half a year since I have become a customer. happy with the service and the delivery terms. recommend these sticks and this website.

  9. Yvette

    And if I can”t think of the word to describe IQOS Purple Label there is always the word ” fantastic:”. Such a heavenly divine taste, you can only think of the sticks while you’re smoking. Good deal. Amazing website.

  10. Betty

    all my friends have ranked Purple very high. never understood people’s addiction to it before I have tried it for myself. it is literally fabulous. from the way the sticks look to the way they taste in my mouth. recommend them to everyone!

  11. Howard

    hello and thank you for delivering my parcel so fast. this all came as a very pleasant surprise because this website came practically out of blue and has become my favorite out of everywhere I have ever shopped. would like to tell everyone that I am grateful for your service.

  12. Yvonne

    Have been a fan of these for almost a year now. Could not find anything better – that is why I am still here and still buying Purple Label. Will stick to this website as I like everything about it.

  13. george m.

    I see many people have already left here some good feedback and I agree with most of the commentators. The product is great and IQOS keep the quality level very high which I do appreciate a lot.

  14. Dan

    the most favorite product for the past 3 years. have tried many but will stick to this brand and namely this type because of the strong taste and quality tobacco. the delivery was fast, have enjoyed my experience here.

  15. Toby

    The tobacco blend is very rich. Like the fact that IQOS only manufacture the products that can substitute everything you’e got ever attached to. So addictive ti the point that I am ordering these for the 4th time already and I am not ordering small amounts. Anyway, 5 stars and recommendation.

  16. Logan

    Bought IQOS HEETS Purple Label on recommendation of my friend. And immediately liked
    tobacco, ripe berries and a subtle menthol background. This is really the pleasant aroma and mild taste. My satisfaction was limitless. Highly recommend.

  17. Evan

    I will never get back to regular cigarettes. IQOS HEETS Purple Label replaced them with its evident and satisfying smoke. Advise to everyone who started using IQOS heats.

  18. Charles

    This is the best variety of heatsticks I ever came across in the market. There is no need to buy something in addition. Please don’t discontinue this menthol variety. I will buy again.

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