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HEETS TURQUOISE – Menthol madness

When you aren’t sure if IQOS deserves your attention, simply give them a try.

It won’t hurt getting a completely different experience from what you’ve known before.

The design is too attractive to pass by. You will still have it in the top of your head to try IQOS even if you don’ understand why the world is so crazy about them.

First of all, they are definitely more healthy. Second of all, they are definitely more trendy.

It’s true that the design can attract your attention but only the can keep your interest and loyalty.

Lots of advantages IQOS are willing to bring to the table include high-quality, less smoke, no ash and no burnt tobacco.

HEETS TURQUOISE (Menthol) give you a pleasant smoother cooling mint sensation. Different from other minty flavours, this product has a lot to offer. From notes of freshness to a very delicate and smooth aftertaste.

If you have decide to get HEETS TURQUOISE (Menthol) from us, we will be more than happy to offer you the best product in its category.

13 reviews for IQOS HEETS Turquoise

  1. Marina

    IQOS TURQUISE is for independent strong women who know what they want in life and get it without a doubt. Being a woman means I can do what men do but classier with more style. This is how I would describe these sticks. I love them and think they are the best type from the whole line.

  2. iris

    this is my fave part of the shopping process. I like to share my reviews with other customers. feel like it is important to exchange info and be useful to each other, This piece is superb. the sticks are rich in flavor and don’t cost a lot.

  3. val

    My review will be the following – there is no better place for shopping than this. Have my word on it. 10 out of 10.

  4. Gregory Watson

    hi people from his website. I respect all the effort it takes for the creators to actually make everything happen exactly as described.Very glad I have found it.

  5. nancy thorke

    hello dear customers! I would like to tell all of you that IQOS have really impressed me. I saw many people around me smoking these sticks but could not understand the reason of their popularity. Now I do.

  6. tracy

    hello everyone.
    the sticks – thanks to you – have been delivered safely to me and I am proud owner of several cartons of these exclusive cigarettes. God Bless me for my ability to find great stuff online.

  7. Denis

    hello guys. thanks for letting me in your community. I am an experienced IQOS admirer who is keen on quality and progress. To me HEETS seems to be the definition of progress and experience. Very good stuff indeed. Recommended strongly.

  8. Gemma

    Classy and elite. I would recommended for everyone who knows a true quality and know their worth.

  9. Betty

    constantly on my mind. addiction that I cannot get rid of and like to the point when I keep spending too much money on it. perfection in a turquoise box.

  10. Leslie

    I would like to rate this product with 5 stars. I like everything IQOS does. Turquoise are my fave sticks in the category. Very smooth delicate and extremely special taste. Enjoying,

  11. Mark

    Have you ever thought that you have wasted so much money on other website and you regret it now? I am at this point right now after seeing how low the prices are here. My friend has told me about SmokeUS and I have immediately fallen in love with it. Superb.

  12. Erik

    I can taste menthol and it gives this stick a strong feel. Wonderfully presented as if it was an extra posh item which I believe it is because the quality of IQOS products is superb. Makes me very glad to be able to shop on this website as the prices are reasonable and it seems trust-worthy.

  13. Robert

    I think, menthol with tobacco addition create the finest smoking. This is what I found when ordering IQOS HEETS Turquoise. Personally, I always include this into my every order.

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