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HEETS GREEN ZING – When the freshness takes over

When you try freshness for a change, you won’t be able to resist it no more. Don’t think IQOS will help you to quit smoking. No, but it will provoke an addiction to something healthier and safer than your ordinary convention cigarettes.

GREEN ZING has a very strong impact on the consumers. These sticks are perfect for relaxation and satisfaction.

Menthol helps you to enjoy the moment but juice citrus gives you energy and power to go on.

When you are introduced to GREEN ZING for the first time, you may think it’s a mixture of herbs. But later on you comes to realize the whole spectrum of flavours mixed in one single stick.

This tobacco product is suitable for both men and women.

HEETS GREEN ZING will give you some unknown and unexpected emotions. Give them a go.

You will clearly understand the reason for such a high demand and unbelievable popularity.

17 reviews for IQOS HEETS Green

  1. Dred

    Really impressed by the promptness of the delivery service. Literally only a few days away from having the desired sticks. Chose HEETS Green because they seem ecologically more pure to me but it’s only my imagination, I know. But I really appreciate IQOS for the quality.

  2. Mannie

    Yesterday I received my box with a few cartons in it and I have to say it’s been the best online shopping experience I have had so far. Everything is spot on and the products are amazing.

  3. Linde

    Hello and right away I would like to thank this website for the on-time delivery and high quality stick for a very attractive price. Will be back for more.

  4. Vera

    I am happy to confess that I was really wrong thinking that the website could and would bring me fake sticks. I was driven by fear as I know low prices usually cause problems. But smokeus has proven many previously unknown things to me. I will never judge a website not knowing anything anymore.

  5. Tracy Jones

    the management of this website are doing their job very well. the products are authentic and the delivery terms are respected at all times.

  6. betsy

    hello. betsy here. I wanted to leave a few pleasant words about these sticks. They seem to be exactly what a respected high-class person would want to accept in their life as a daily habit. I strongly recommend it.

  7. Jordie

    hello dear friends and customers. some people may already have recognized me from previous reviews. I am still stuck on this website. Good products. Fast delivery.

  8. Elena

    my second review regarding these sticks. love them dearly. almost too good to be true. feeling blessed that I have fond this website and proud to be ordering from here.

  9. victoria

    hello. it is my second review regarding these sticks. love them dearly. almost too good to be true. feeling blessed that I have fond this website and proud to be ordering from here.

  10. jeremy

    Jeremy is here with a fresh review. Giving it another try because Amber are still my favorite sticks from IQOS. I like the quality of these cigs – everything a smoker can ask for,

  11. Trudy

    I like to buy sticks on this website because I know for sure they will be exactly what I expect them to be. This website doesn’t mess around with fake stuff and I respect that. 5 stars from me.

  12. Gregory

    Although I know there are other flavors, I will go for this one. Tried it once and realized I would definitely return to order some more. Intense taste and a very rich aroma won’t leave you indifferent. Enjoy.

  13. Gigi

    You will never understand what true quality is unless you come across HEETS. What a sophisticated posh taste! Will definitely come back to order some more.Thanks for efficiency.

  14. Warren J

    Perfection named IQOS that came fast and met all of my expectations once again. a true masterpiece in the world of tobacco and my favorite brand so far ( trust me I know what I am talking about ). This website is exactly what I have been searching for,

  15. Jason

    Unless you have already tried it you know how great IQOS can taste especially after cigarettes. Smooth and much healthier than other sticks. IQOS Green are my favourite because I have a feeling they have herbs. This is my vision and may not be true at all but I enjoy them mainly for this reason.

  16. Patrick

    Suddenly discovered this refreshing tobacco+menthol and citrus taste among other varieties for IQOS. IQOS HEETS Green has totally maximised my smoking sessions. Thank you, without this store I would have never been able to quite traditional smoking.

  17. James

    Simply the best tobacco and citrus taste at the reasonable price. It totally meets my expectations. Wouldn’t buy anywhere else now.

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